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Nou Camp grew at Danube river

20. May 2019

We shot a video invitation to an unique football tournament, we created a stylish microsite and we built a football field straight on the river of Danube. We invited Vittek, Pil-C and Exploited, who spread the word around the social networks. We organized a football tournament and handed out prizes. Do you want to see how Adidas FOOTBALL BATTLESHIP looked?

When your client trusts you

We have clients that want just simple graphics. We manage social networks for some. We code user friendly webs for others. And then there is Adidas Slovakia. We cooperated repeatedly in the past. It is the client, that accepts our crazy ideas.

Have you played football on a river? No? You probably missed Adidas FOOTBALL BATTLESHIP then. The goal of the event was a whole-day happening about football, supported by online influencers. We chose two minions of Slovak Instagram. Pil-C and Exploited. Also the stars from popular TV series Oteckovia (The Fathers) attended and gave us a funny interview.

Let’s play football

The ambassadors started playing a one-touch game in the invitations, all of the tricks we allowed. By short as well as long kicks they transported the ball to the event location. Dynamically shot video made by the guys from Visual Gang introduced the stars, the ambassadors of Adidas FOOTBALL BATTLESHIP as well as the location. Check it out here.


The next step was creating a microsite, where amateur football players could register.

They filled out a form at adidasbattleship, uploaded football photo/video and register their 4-member teams. Attending finals at Tango League tournament in Warsaw  served as good motivation. The winners of this European tournament won the tickets to the finals of Champions league 2019 in Madrid.

The jury consisting of Dušan Tittel, Róbert Vittek and freestyle football player Lucia Kevická chose 8 team from all registered. They were joined by two media teams, 5 club ones and 2 ambassador teams.

The end

Or not?
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