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Drawn upon creatives

17. August 2018

There is a story, emotion or relation behind every tattoo. Usually intensive, sometimes crazy, other time long lasting. The individual personalities who work in our offices are represented by the drawings they carry at their bodies. They create an unique content rising from their souls that they implement into the stories of our clients.


Passionate skier with great sympathy towards the nature. She collects trash in the woods, she loves sneakers and salted caramel. She tattooed a coniferous tree on her hand recently, firstly it looked just like a black blot. Now, it is really beautiful. She cares about her clients a lot, her copy is sharp as tree needles.

Vytetovaný stromček na ruke


An extravagant photographer, whom you can meet in tiger texture flip-flops. He sees the world through the lens of his camera and he shoots photos, that make the clients faint. The gold lover has many tatoos. Check out what he told us about some of them.

Obočie tetovanie na nohe

“After one of the photoshoots with Lucka Sládečková (@makeupbylucid) I told her to do my eyebrows. It’s been said she does the best eyebrows In Slovakia. So I put it on my leg and my roommate joined me. Funny is, that at that time he didn’t have any other tattoo and the first one was his eyebrow on his calf.”

GOLD tetovanie

“Four letters on the finger I use for shooting. That means, that my photographs are priced by gold.

I LOVE YOU tetovanie

“The funniest tattoo, which is not up to date already. It serves as a warning for other girls. Except the one.”

What if tetovanie

“For me, there is no “WHAT IF”. And I also like crossing out my tattoos.


Strict mom of two, who ran away from lucratively  (not)paid mother’s leave into the world of creativity. She loves volleyball, texting, lavender smell and yellow color. She cares about her client as much as about her children. She is positive, straightforward and patient. To clients and colleagues.

Tetovanie deti tetovanie


Graphic designer, animator, painter. Our event manager recently with creative art soul. The founder of legendary graphiti zones in Bratislava. His life is bound with number 13, which is bad luck for some. The owner of Atelier XIII, born on the 13th and father of 13 children.

Ruka a tetovanie XIII

We are a group of individuals, who have various passions. We are bounded by our clients and Gang. Our ideas are formed by a piece of every one of us and the result is stunning. Creatively stunning. We run from no challenge and if you are brave enough, give us your brand and we turn it into something extraordinary. Call us.

And don’t forget: Don’t work for assholes. Don’t work with assholes.

Don’t work for assholes. Don’t work with assholes

The end

Or not?
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