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Musical inspiration from Gang

25. April 2024

Sometimes the dead silence, sometimes the screaming voices of the guys from the band Vydrapená bužírka. Music boosts, inspires and motivates us. Listen to the songs we listen to at work. Read about which concerts were the most emotional for us, what genre of music and artists we love.

FUXO, art director |ZA|

Fuxo is a music connoisseur. His music spectrum is very wide, but it mostly draws him to the guitar music. He creates visual bangers in Gang and he also strums on the bass guitar in popular Slovak band Swan Bride.

His feelings and the current situation determine what he plays. Most often he returns to classic albums from artists such as Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Tom Waits, Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, Serg Gansbourg, Iggy Pop & The Stooges and Leonard Cohen. He loves 60’s garage rock and 70’s and 80’s post punk, which is represented by Joy Division or The Cure.

“I was devouring the music massively throughout the“ noughties ”. It was related to the coming of a more usable Internet, when a whole new world opened up for me. I had a few favourites from that period – Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Walkmen, White Stripes, Arctic Monkeys… ”

From the recent bands he enjoys listening to Iceage, U.S. Pat. Girls, Charlotte Gainsbourg, CCFX and anything where Mary Jane Dunphe sings.

The most powerful concerts he has experienced and bear the attribute best, wildest, noisiest and most beautiful.


The best:

“Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. I saw them twice, and it was amazing every time. Nick is probably the best frontman I know. Their concerts are completely different. They do not need any additional fine-tunings in the form of stages, lighting, fireworks. It’s just pure art.”



Grinderman. Again, Nick Cave and his lewd side project. Pure ear drum massage.


Most beautiful:

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Karen O is a favourite singer of Fuxo’s wife. If Nick Cave is a top frontman, Karen O is his female equivalent.



Black Lips. We drank a lot, sang off-key, danced fearlessly, and threw many toilet paper rolls. And Deerhunter as a guest band was the icing on the cake.

Now with his 2 kids, Fuxo does not have much time to read so he at least listens to audiobooks on Spotify. When he is strolling the baby buggy he listens to Moby Dick from Herman Melvil. He uses Spotify, but if he has more time, he plays his vinyl.

In the office he learned to “turn off” his ears. “I can work even when there is “youknowwhatkindofmusic” in the background. Selective hearing is quite a skill; it makes me a more tolerant person”.


ĽUBO, director |ZA|

What kind of music does our CEO listen to? Both old and new. Especially good. He prefers music to total silence at work. He is the DJ of the Žilina office, choosing from favourite playlists.

The best concert he has been to was the Gentleman MTV Unplugged in Vienna. “Jack Johnsson was excellent at the Neusiedl am See or the local band’s punk concert at the Cape Town Botanical Garden.”

In addition to music, he listens to a spoken word in his ears. Tim Ferris podcasts prevail, the last time he listened to podcast was the one about Jeff Bazos. He listens to music at work and in the car, and plays in the headphones while doing sport activities.


KIKA, graphic design |ZA|

She does not have any particular favourite band. She likes cheerful rhythmic music, do not try to impress her with sad stuff. Her friends always take her out to an alternative music concerts. The experience is always strong and makes her to look forward to next shows.

YouTube playlists in her headphones create isolation around her desk to help her focus and work more efficiently. However, she usually prefers the sounds of voices of her colleagues. After her work, she listens to podcasts with calm voices.


MAJO, event manager |BA|

Majo chooses the music based on his mood. He is ok with all kinds of music such as house, electronics, rock and punk. Recently he is usually searching for funky and older rap. Chromeo is his favourite and from the Slovak music scene he likes Medial Banana, Para and Walter Schnitzelsson. The ideal evening is in the club with a beer in his hand listening to the DJ skills of Vec, Yanko Král or Emonoizoboyz.

From world music he listens to the sets of Boiler Room, DJ San Proper or Jazzy Jeff on stage in Philadelphia. He was very pleased when he managed to bring to his event “Jasná NARUBY” the famous skilful DJ Eskei83.

To choose the best concert is a difficult task for Majo. “Concerning concerts of singers, I would like to mention Joe Cocker, George Michael, Kiss and Depeche mode. And even when Rihanna was in Bratislava – her show was perfect. “He is a regular visitor at Grape and Uprising festivals, where he goes crazy. Music wise J

He prefers total silence as he scrolls through event budgets. In search of inspiration, he plays music ideally via Spotify and YouTube.


RICHARD, account manager |PRG| 

He says he’s trying to keep track of all genres, but his home pitch is rock. “When I was a little boy, my dad bought the entire Queen discography on CD right after the revolution. While his classmates listened to Vengaboys and Lunetic, he flinched at Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix. Gradually, his horizons expanded to other genres, he likes to enjoy “classic” hip-hop, his favourite is Snoop Dogg, and Czechoslovak artists Vec and Chaozz. His studies at art college led him to classical music and jazz.

The biggest impression made on his music soul was the departure of legend David Bowie. “He knew he was dying of cancer and he ordered to release the second single from the last album immediately after his death. The song begins with “Look up here, I’m in heaven…”. It’s a very emotional way of saying goodbye.”

Among contemporary artists, he enjoys The Raconteurs, Alt-J, Mark Ronson’s projects and the Czech project Ghost of You, whose development he has been following since the very beginning of the band.

When creating designs and advertising campaigns, music boosts us and inspires us. Personal ties with some Czech and Slovak artists allow us to book them for the events we organize.

Rock with us!

The end

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