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With this project we won. Literally! Hisense is a TV and white goods company. When they asked us to work with them, we had a lot of interesting ideas. We started with creating a task-for-reward contest, which is one of the best ways to come up with great ideas!

For each task that you accomplish you get points. You can then exchange points for rewards – like the above-mentioned TV and electronics. No pens and keychains here, please! This kind of contest works not only online, but offline also! Do you need to get people into your retail store? That’s OK! You just need to be creative!

Did you also hear about the live penalty activity? We also were behind that idea! Can you imagine shooting a penalty kick through an app with a real goalkeeper? That’s what we did! Famous goalkeepers, interesting duels, and amazing rewards! We also created a live event for Hisense. We put together two national teams with representatives from Czechia and Slovakia from the entertainment industry. Who won? The most important thing is that our client won by adding us to their team!