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Horalka baner



It was an HR campaign we literally bit into. We are talking about a crunchy challenge from Sedi-ta that came with the following request: “We are looking for reinforcements in our traditional bakery.” What shall we do to avoid getting lost among millions of others? We invented catchy slogans and wrapped them in simple graphics.

Banerová reklama na Horalku

Generations of people love “Horalka” and the crispy wafer has become a family treasure. The campaign entitled “It’s in the family” reminded everyone that every family has something that ties it together: grandmother’s secret recipe, love for sport, musical talent. A family member could thank their loved one for a family treasure with a special postcard.

Máme to v rodine
Webstránka pre horalky
Boxy s horalkami
Máme to v rodine