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The task was simple: “Think big.” And so we did. And we took off. Straight into space!

However, we didn’t just want to aimlessly shoot something into space and call it a campaign. We wanted an IDEA, we wanted to engage kids. So, we made a decision – whatever we send up there will come back and will be given to kids. To future engineers, scientists, and those who know how to dream. We’ll help them “reach for the stars“, all thanks to a minifigure that went on a space journey and safely returned.

And the client? The client encouraged us to up our game! Hence, we ended up sending a 1000 minifigures into space.

How did the flight go?

3 balloons, 3 space shuttles, 1000 minifigures. The Legonauts soared to a height of 35,564 meters. They launched from the Malé Bielice airport near the city of Partizánske (Slovakia). Flying in an open space shuttle, they landed in 3 different locations, all captured by several cameras throughout the expedition.

Space shuttle design, calculations, team

Just as there were many people taking part in the project, much time was spent on preparations, too. The preparations took six months. There were initially 5 designs, 5 original sketches, all drawn by industrial designers. The final construction was handled by the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics from the CTU.

We couldn’t afford to be off by a millimeter, let alone a milligram. The space shuttle was made with a cutting-edge technology, using composites and carbon fiber, materials commonly found in airplanes and Formula 1.

Who was a part of our space journey? Experts collaborating with NASA – and even those who operate Musk’s Falcon 9 to launch objects into space! Why? Because the entire space shuttle, along with the minifigure crew, could only safely come together, take off, fly, and land if strict weight limits were met and everything went according to plan. And let’s be honest – our marketing knowledge juts does’t cut it in such areas.

What was our marketing process?

We created 2 microsite – one for the Czech Republic and one for Slovakia: / We prepared a TV spot. Banners, bumpers, and videos, all made by us, circulated in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We contacted several prominent influencers and arranged promotional collaborations with the LEGO brand. Even the opening of a LEGO store in Alza (Prague) was a part of the campaign. Our “epic LEGO win” went viral and quickly reached the whole world.

How did kids get their minifigures from space?

The campaign, apart from „being big“, was also meant to increase store visits a boost brand awareness among children. So, we devised a simple mechanism: Buy any LEGO set (seriously, any!), register your receipt on the microsite, and wait for us to draw your name. Then, if your name gets drawn, we’ll send you a beautiful box with a Legonaut, along with it’s authenticity certificate.

We’re grateful for this epic opportunity and thank everyone involved in this project. It was an out-of-this-world experience!

Special thanks to:

SOSA – for the responsible flight and landing
CIIRC CTU – for the production of the space shuttles
Jan Spratek / Planetum – for expert supervision
Xtend – for designing the space shuttles
Kreativ Gang – for the brutal teamwork